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A 6 month supply is 2 boxes total (PLUS a mail in rebate of $30 available!) 

A year supply is 4 boxes total (PLUS a mail in rebate of $75 available!)


The First and Only Monthly Water Gradient Contact Lens that Feels Like Nothing, Even at Day 30!

We have taken the Water Gradient you know from DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses and adapted it with CELLIGENT® Technology so lenses feel like nothing, even at day 30.


• Intelligent lens chemistry helps resist the adherence of bacteria and lipids

• Biomimetic polymer nanofibres mimic the structure of the ocular surface

Total 30 for Astigmatism

  • Monthly replacement.  Dia. 14.2mm.  Available in 6 packs only.  High breathability.

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